WARNING, IF YOU BUY AN IPHONE 3GS FROM A STORE THAT RECENTLY RESTOCKED THEIR PRODUCTS AS OF LAST WEEK, YOUR OUT OF LUCK! As of this time, Apple changed the iboot to I believe iboot-359.3.2. This isn't vunerable to the 24kpwn exploit. :(
Geohot released his JB for all 3.0 firmware and above (I believe). It supports ALL devices EXCEPT ipt3!!!!! Up to 3.1.2. The 3G JB is not working correctly, so ispazio have informed us how to fix this issue with the iTunes error here. Only problem, it's not English. So I translated it. YOUR WELCOME!!! Windows only. And one more comment... I actually HATE GEOHOT'S IMAGE FOR BLACKRA1N. For this, I took it into my own hands and am creating a new image for the ultimate JB tool. 

Ha! I was actually doing math homework when I discovered this. Open the Calculator app and then double tap where the number is shown (the top part, above the arrows). I'm running 3.1 on my 3gs (JB).
Sorry... 10/09/2009
Just wanted to let you know, I will update the sidebar when Geohot releases Blacksn0w.
Geohot is putting the finishing touches when Apple released 3.1.2.  Well, lucky for us, Geohot is on it. He claims that the new Jailbreaking tool, Blackra1n, will be able to JB all firmwares including 3.1.2. Right now, he's working on the ipt3 I believe:

"why no blackra1n tonight... i still have to write a ramdisk side kernel patcher, ipt3 is perplexing, gotta figure out how to use itunes usb"

Keep checking in to see the updates on BLACKRA1N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look what Geohot posted on his blog:
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2009I'm just going to leave this here
INCREDIBLE!!! He JB an ipt in 10 secs (apparently).
OOOOOOHHHHH. AAAAAHHHHHHHH. Be amazed by the incredible tool known as Blacksn0w. I asked if i can beta test. Well here's a video to show you the capabilities of it. That is, if it's real....
WHAT A WEEK!!! iH8sn0w is working with DarkMalloc to create sn0wbreeze. Geohot discovers an exploit that could jailbreak every iDevise ever. Chronic Dev found the same exploit but are "perfecting it" and try to state they found it first. Geohot gets pissed cause Chronic posts the exploit and Apple is able to patch it. Geohot cools down and makes up with Chronic. iPhone Dev are not so talkative but working on their Redsn0w for windows... AppuloHa1l is also being created at the last moment for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Wow! When will the geek wars end!
Noticed how I put: %%%%%%%%%, in the title. Well, that's because I need your attention because IT IS VITAL TO JAILBREAKING YOUR IPHONE 3GS ON 3.1!!!!! 

I JB my devise a couple times, but never realized what to do. The problem was that when I JB my iPhone 3gs on 3.1, my phone carrier (AT&T) wasn't working!!!!! I GO NO SIGNAL!!!!! So I tried to follow iClarified's guide and it worked!!! Just make sure you...


So, for your safety, follow iClarified's guide here. (Mac only I think)
To download the Tool, go here. Doesn't work if you bought an iPhone 3GS with 3.1 already installed. Must be a previous 3.0.x/jailbroken iPhone 3GS user. Supports (ALMOST) ALL devices (except iPod Touch G3).

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