What Up? 12/17/2009
I dont' seem to understand... I stop editing this site, and what do I see.... A SHOCKING INCREASE IN VIEWS!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!! Please explain, and tell me what you think I should do... Continue this site,
Hello everyone, I have some bad news. I will not continue this website because my personal life is a bit hectic at the moment. If somebody would email me telling me how much they wish I should continue, then I will do so. Although I don't think anybody will... Farewell... And YES 
I will keep on jb! GO JB!!!!! (my apps will be released soon, hopefully...)
The new tool is due in two days and we have a screenshot of it:
NO ICY! Wow, what a transformation. I really wish Geohot included it. It's the right thing to do after Ripdev left. I guess Icy really is fading away... Time for upgrade!!!!
Whoever is in the iCommunity, please try to contribute to the Icy Beta project. That team is working hard to get Icy back on it's feet, and they need YOUR support to continue. So they asked me to get the word out. PLEASE GO THEIR WEB/BLOG AND COMMENT OR EMAIL TO HELP!!!!! Thanks :)
Well not exactly. Geohot said he kept getting the error:
But luckily Geohot has already unlocked it: both the iPhone 3g and the iPhone 3GS. We all new Geohot was the one and only, but we even new Scott was a con-artist. Too bad. I was really excited a new player was in the game of cat and mouse. So keep checkin in! The wait is almost over :)
Geohot successfully unlocked the iPhone's latest baseband, 05.11.07 . Here is a video of him doing so:
As you can see, he was able to run T-Mobile on the iPhone; he also s able to make a call demonstrating. I assume the unlock will be very soon. Because he said in the vid that it was due November 4, 2009 (11/4/09). Haha. Go GEOHOT!
Happy Halloween! 10/30/2009
We would like to thank all of our viewers for supporting us. Have a happy Halloween!!!!!!!!
Icy Beta Video 10/29/2009
I think the video explains itself.

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